Employee Traveller Tracking

Our travel tracking solution through leading software provider helps companies establish a duty of care program with the objective of keeping your employees healthy, safe and efficient as they travel the globe or work locally.The platform is a turnkey offering that provides our customers with all of the components necessary to demonstrate a duty of care to their traveling employees across the globe.As such it provides a common operating platform that allows users to track travellers, send automated pre-trip intelligence, alerts, view data through interactive digital maps and access a variety of automated messaging services which include SMS and email.

We are able to import data in to the system from a wider array of sources than any other risk management platform.  These sources include the following:

  • Healix Portal
  • All major GDS’s
  • TMC data feeds
  • TripIt / TripLink

This means that our clients have a single complete view of the location of their travellers and employees rather than having to check several disparate systems.

Global Mapping

The Global Threat Map is an interactive digital map that shows the risk each country represents to traveler along with details of travellers and physical assets within each country.  Users of the system can use the side bar to identify and search for travellers by location, date, work place or threat level. Provides the integration of employee and traveler data (itineraries and profiles) that are captured through travel management companies into the Travel Risk Management platform. When a trip is booked and queued the system will monitor the itinerary of that trip and update it accordingly.

Employees and travellers have a unique profile within the system and appear on the interactive map when traveling or assigned to a home office.

Tracking 0

Searching and Reporting

The platform has a very sophisticated searching function which allows administrators to interrogate the data held within it easily and efficiently.  Users can search on numerous data fields such as

Traveler name

  • Location (country or city)
  • Airport
  • Risk level
  • Airline
  • Flight number
  • Hotel
  • PNR

Users can also search for travellers on the digital map either by hovering over a traveler or country or by zooming into a specific territory.  Additionally users can draw a line (geofence) around a specific geographic area to identify who is located within it.  This geographic area is defined by the user is extremely valuable when trying to identify who may be impacted by events that impact a large area such as a severe weather system or military conflict (see image below).

Tracking 1

Once travellers have been identified users of the system are able to communicate with them by simply clicking on the ‘Send Alert’ button in the top right hand corner of the screen, an example of which can be seen below:

Tracking 2

Communications Platform

The travel tracker platform incorporates a robust communications platform which allows travel and security managers to communicate to employees via email or SMS.  Standard communications can be set up to be sent automatically at predefined times or events such as at the time of booking or arrival.  Some common examples are listed below:

Tracking 3