Global Intelligence & Assistance (GIA) Portal – “A valuable online resource helping Security Departments to effectively manage their security risks facing their global workforces.”

The GIA Portal provides comprehensive intelligence on security risks with 24/7 access to our global monitoring services, global security assistance team and emergency logistics network.

A convenient dashboard provides users with a clear and intuitive interface to current incident alerts, updated in realtime by a team of risk analysts monitoring and reporting on international incidents and potential threats as they happen.

Utilising open and closed sources of information and advanced data mining to carry out key word scanning across electronic information throughout the world, incidents are identified, corroborated and confirmed with partners on the ground before being published to the Portal. Incident data gathered is then used to analyse current and ongoing threat levels.


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Country Threat Reports & Mapping

The Portal also provides up-to-date risk management information by country with threat reports on 236 countries around the world, as well as an overall evaluation of individual country threat levels, evacuation levels and practical travel security advice.

Maxwell Lucas issues a risk rating for countries from 1 to 4 (1-Low, 2-Medium, 3-High, 4-Extreme) and uses this criteria when assigning threat levels to countries contained within Country Threat Reports. Our aim is to provide our clients with a realistic understanding of the risks associated with travel to the country allowing for increased situational awareness for the traveller and additional risk assessments where necessary.

Travellers can search for their destination using the search tool on the menu page or by using the Country List page in the menu bar that breaks down each of the countries alphabetically.

The last five recent incidents on a country-by-country basis are displayed on the Country Threat Profile page providing destination specific alerts to the travellers.  Further information can be viewed in the Notifications section.


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Country Evacuation Reports & Mapping

In addition to the Country Threat Profiles Maxwell Lucas have developed a unique Evacuation Level product which encourages members to consider a phased “drawdown” to operations. To do so we will recommend and assist where required an update of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) at the first signs of a deteriorating security environment in order to not only identify non-essential personnel and dependants who can out of the country utilising scheduled flights but also to plan on the transfer of critical business process out of the affected area or region to limit overall business disruption. In this way the risk to employees as a whole can be reduced as well as well as the short and long term cost to the business.

The Evacuation Levels are similar to the Country Threat Reports, 1 to 5 (1 – Monitor, 2 – Increased Monitoring, 3 – Warning, 4 – Consider Evacuation, 5 – Evacuation).


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Global Incidents and Notifications

A web-based 24/7 global incident monitoring and mapping service providing travellers with up to date information such as security and political risks, health and disease risks, country travel warnings and alerts that may affect travel plans.  

Security Managers can also retrospectively search back over 6 years of incidents using the filter system allowing you to identify incident or event patterns to forecast potential risks.

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Travellers can also select to receive specific destination related security email/sms alerts during their trip and up to thirty calendar days prior to departure to ensure they are fully aware of the potential hazards prior to travel

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Travel Security Information

An online travel security library providing documents, podcasts and links covering Travellers Safety Tips, Crisis Cards, and Pre Travel Checklists. Travel Security information is continually updated with travel related safety information that can be viewed online, printed or saved to electronic devices such as laptops, and on mobile phones via the Smartphone App, Travel Oracle.

Key Features:

  • Identity Protection
  • Pre-Travel
  • Personal Security
  • Security Advice for female travellers
  • Health Advice
  • Property Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Natural Hazards


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