Maxwell Lucas understands that employee safety is paramount in today’s working environments, whether you are an executive travelling to an emerging market, an NGO providing support in remote locations or a security team operating in a high risk environment, Maxwell Lucas ‘Lone Worker’ cellular tracking facility offers you control and total peace of mind.

The current climate is forcing today’s  global organisations and businesses  to operate in often challenging and difficult environments where the tracking of staff is essential for increased health and safety and compliance with corporate social responsibility policy.

Maxwell Lucas Lone Worker Tracking solution allows you to see where your employee’s are at all times, as well as produce journey replays and reports. Combining the two key technologies of GPS and GPRS, Lone Worker is able to provide Operations/Security Managers with low cost, simple personnel tracking technology which will increase stakeholder confidence through greater duty of care,  establish full visibility of a teams location and proximity to each other and coordinate direct response in the event of an emergency situation.


Lone Worker


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