All too often security arrangements fail to keep pace with a company’s growth. Many businesses are likely to find that their security measures are out of date and unable to identify and deal with newly presented risks. The best response to security risks is to develop practical and robust counter measures.

Maxwell Lucas will undertake a comprehensive survey of your premises to identify where security breeches are most likely to occur – and the potential impact on your business. We will also make a series of mitigating recommendations as to where and how your security measures should be strengthened and provide feedback on the implementation of theses recommendations via a monthly compliance report.

Risk Reduction Planning

Maxwell Lucas works closely with our clients to develop mechanisms for monitoring and reporting on the actions selected to address risks, which may have been identified as art of an initial security audit of specific client requirement. Maxwell Lucas will monitor the identified risk for signs of a change in its status.

Monitoring may consist of:

  • Checking that execution of the planned actions is having the desired effect.
  • Watching for the early warning signs that a risk is developing.
  • Modelling trends, predicting potential risks or opportunities.
  • Checking that the overall management of risk is being applied effectively.


Our security reviews can be integrated with other Maxwell Lucas Corporate services providing your organisation with a seamless approach to managing risks and ensuring business continuity.