Global business is complex, and the saturation of traditional markets is leading companies to contemplate the potential of doing business in more risky environments. These new environments bring with them different threats, from organised crime, corruption to terrorism and civil war. These threats though can be managed with the correct application of risk management by experienced practitioners.

Maxwell Lucas have created a range of Country Insight Reports looking at 25+ high growth markets, produced by former Military Intelligence security experts with significant exposure to the private sector, operating at the highest levels of business globally. All of our analysts have operational experience in often hostile and non-permissive operating environments, and they are dual trained in both intelligence analysis and security consultancy.

Our reports are designed for businesses specifically looking to conduct business abroad, providing you with the information to identify prospect, minimise risk and then maximise opportunity in high growth foreign markets. Our reports are extensive, using PESTEL analysis as their basis, however, we also include Security and Operations as additional subject matter to give you a completely rounded overview of the country.

Our reports cover the following headings in significant detail: