Latest Travel Risk Alerts
Colombia - Travel News - National Liberation Army (ELN) responsible for 4 small explosive devices around Bogota #travel #security #ELN
India - Travel News - 20 killed and 7 seriously injured at bus drives into gorge in Himachal Pradesh #travel #security #himachalparadesh
Gaza - Travel Alert - 100 killed on Tuesday, as death toll reaches 1,178/Power station strike threatens to cut power to hospitals and homes
Libya - Travel Alert - 30 militants killed as clashes occur across Libya #security #political #militant #Libya #al-Shoura
Mexico - Travel News - 6.3 earthquake hits Varacuz, no extensive damages or injuries recorded but warnings of aftershock #Mexico #earthquak
India - Travel News - Violent protests in condemnation for Gaza violence occur after Eid-ul-Fitr prayers in Kashmir, India #Kashmir #protes
Israel / Gaza - Travel Alert - PLO offer united Palestinian one day ceasefire, yet to be accepted by Israel #ceasfire #Gaza #Security
Libya - Alert- Central government calls for international assistance to fight oil depot fire near Tripoli airport, Italy offers assistance
Libya - Travel News - Fighter jet downed in Benghazi amid clashes with Islamist groups #Libya #security






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